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Welcome to Okinawan Karate-do Institute

Okinawan Karate-do Institute is one of the premiere websites discussing many aspects of budo, with a focus on karate-do. We teach more than just how to perform the kata. Our goal is to provide as much free information as possible on everything from conditioning, diet, and philosophy, while also teaching about effective application of kata.

Quote of the Day

It is said, “Appoint the intelligent, employ the capable, and business will show a profit before long; make rules clear and directions precise, and business will be auspicious without divination; honor achievement and support hard work, and prosperity will be attained without prayer.”

It is also said, “The timing of the heavens is not as good as the advantage of the earth; the advantage of the earth is not as good as harmony among people.” What sages value is human management.

— Master Wei Liao

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Recent Articles


Your Schools Mission

Mission Statements For the longest time, when I sat in business classes in college, I failed to see the need for mission statements in a business. We would look at companies like Wal-Mart and it seemed like a giant waste…

Opening Your Own School

A New Series Today is the first of a long series of articles on how to transition from being a student to becoming an instructor of martial arts. One of the biggest obstacles that instructors face as they start out…

Bunkai Basics

Learning the Basics When we start training in traditional karate, we typically start learning kihon (basics). A stance, a punch, a kick, and a block to start things off are very common, and they are all practiced for hundreds of…
Oblique Kick

The Oblique Kick

Oblique Kick An effective, but relatively obscure technique of traditional Okinawan karate and Chinese martial arts, the oblique kick (also called the shovel kick) is slowly beginning to gain popularity. One would expect this popularity to be in the dojo,…
Body Guards

Bodyguards Using Karate

Karate is an unarmed form of self defense that is intended to be used to protect yourself against an untrained person trying to cause you harm. Okinawan masters such as Motobu Choki, Mabuni Kenwa, and Gichin Funakoshi all agreed that…

Direction Wanted

Not Sure Where I Am Going A very common expression in the Air Force is “Vector Check”. As those of you who took physics or were in the Air Force know, it means getting someone else to tell you were…

Articles Worth Looking At

Passai Sho

5a. Passai Sho

Sequence Rei Yoi (left hand holds right fist in front of solar plexus, push out and down to cover groin)…
Reorganizing Articles

Reorganizing Articles

This article is an administrative update on the website. In it there is: 1) Karate Manual 2) Synchronization 3) Be…
Simple Rotation Toss

Simple Rotation Toss

Fluid Movements Today’s technique is a simple rotation toss (there may be a better name out there for this) that…
Neck Wrench From Ground

Neck Wrench From Ground

Neck Wrench Takedown If you haven’t seen our recent post on using a neck wrench to take an opponent to…


This article contains the requirements for 2nd Dan testing at the Okinawan Karate-do Institute. Every school has different requirements for…
The Future of OKI

The Future of OKI

Where This Site is At As this site approaches its two year birthday, I wanted to give everyone an update…
Naihanchi Sandan

2c. Naihanchi Sandan

Prerequisites Long Stance (Zenkutsu Dachi) The front leg is bent and its toes are pointing forward. The back leg shoulder…
Mike Oliveri

Sparring Other Styles

Sparring is, in my opinion, a vital part of martial arts training.  Kata gives you a foundation in your art…