Age Uke


Commonly translated as a “high block”, Age Uke is made up of two symbols. The first is “age” which translates to “rising” rather than “high” (which would be “jodan”). The second is “uke” which we have discussed before means “to receive” or “block”. Therefore Age Uke  is translated as “rising block”.

This becomes more clear when you see the similarities of this block to a boxer’s uppercut. It is also important that karateka remember that this “block”, like all other techniques labeled as a “block”, is more than just a technique to deflect a strike. Three main applications of this technique are as a deflection, as an uppercut, and as a controlling technique.


The first application is the most common. As the hand rises up in front of the face it rotates so that the palm is facing the attacker and the radial bone (one on the same side as the pinky finger) flips into the wrist or forearm of the attacker to deflect the incoming attack away. This is where the “high block” translation comes from.


The next application is an uppercutting technique used to strike an attacker’s chin or neck. When performing the technique, your fist rises up in front of your face before flipping outward. If the opponent is within striking range, using this motion to punch him will allow for a quick end to the confrontation.

Controlling Technique

The final application is as a movement to control the motion of the attacker. Should the attacker be close to you in a grappling type setting, you can use the hikite motion of one hand to trap the arm of the opponent while using the opposite hand to flip the radial bone into the neck. While simultaneously pulling the wrist/arm of the opponent while pushing your arm into their neck, you are able to maintain control of their body while working to end the fight.

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Theodore Kruczek is the founder and head writer of the Okinawan Karate-do Institute. He is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Shorin-ryu with more than 14 years of experience. This site was created as his way of both teaching his own Karate and learning about others.

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