• Rei
  • Right hand covers left, flip hands over and point toes out in musubi-dachi, yoi
  • Step right foot out to kiba-dachi, morote gedan uke
  • Right Naha-step to 45* kiba-dachi with crossed-hands cover (right on top)
  • Morote gedan seiryuto-uchi over the knees
  • Bring hands to face, back-to-back
  • Morote gedan uke
  • Right haito-uke, left hikite
  • Right kake-uke, left nukite-zuki
  • Repeat, opposite side, then repeat again
  • Rise to hakutsuro-dachi, right fist to left palm
  • Set down to right zenkutsu-dachi, right seiken-zuki with left nagashi-uke cover
  • Step back to left zenkutsu-dachi, left shuto-uchi, right age-empi-ate
  • Step out with right foot to 45* neko-ashi-dachi, right sasae chudan-uke
  • Step up to kiba-dachi to the 45*, left gedan-uke
  • Step back to kiba-dachi to the 45*, right gedan-uke
  • Step out with left foot to 45* neko-ashi-dachi and repeat previous set
  • Step back to side-facing kiba-dachi, Tiger 1
  • Step back (foot sliding behind you) to side-facing kiba-dachi, Tiger 1
  • Step forward to shizentai-dachi, right sasae chudan-soto-uke
  • Shuffle forward, uraken/riken-zuki and kiai
  • Pivot to sanchin-dachi facing rear to the right 45* angle, simultaneous left gedan-uke, right chudan-uke
  • Step forward to 45* kiba-dachi, right chudan-uke with left shote cover
  • Uppercut, uraken/riken-zuki, gedan-uke (pull hand from cover to hikite on gedan-uke)
  • Step back to 45* kiba-dachi, left gedan-uke, right seoi-nage position
  • Pull back to right neko-ashi-dachi, right age-empi-uchi
  • Step back to left neko-ashi-dachi, left mawashi-empi-uchi
  • Pivot to sanchin-dachi facing rear to the left 45* angle, simultaneous right gedan-uke, left chudan uke
  • Repeat previous set
  • Shuffle forward while grabbing, strike right uraken/riken-zuki with left fist support
  • Step back to left neko-ashi-dachi, morote nagashi-uke to sloped shuto cover
  • Right foot out to full-face kiba-dachi, morote gedan-uke
  • Right foot to left, mudra (right hand over left, triangle, earth, sky, pray, meditate)
  • Rei
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Noah Legel has been training in martial arts since 2006, and holds rank in Shorin-Ryu (Iikyu), Shuri-ryu (Sankyu), and Judo (Gokyu). In addition, he has training in Okinawan kobudo and Japanese Shinkage-Ryu Iaijutsu, and cross-trains with other martial artists whenever possible. He currently runs his own blog, Budo no Kaizen, and is a frequent contributor to the Okinawan Karate-do Institute and offers great insight from the Non-Black Belt perspective.

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