WOD #3



A strength routine for your arms.

Repeat cycle a second time.

  • Push Ups: 30 sec
  • 5 Pull Ups
  • Shoulder Push Ups: 5 on each leg
  • Single Leg Dips: 10 on each leg
  • Side Planks: 30 sec on each side
  • Side Plank Sweep Through: 15 on each elbow
  • Divebombers: 45 sec


*Shoulder Push Ups: Bend down to touch the floor and walk your hands out to form a V shape. Stretch your left leg straight up towards the ceiling.  Bend your elbows bringing your head closer to floor and then extend your arms to straighten them by pressing away from the floor. This is one full rep.

*Side Plank Sweep Through: Start with a side plank, resting on your left elbow. Extend your right arm towards the ceiling and then sweep it under your left side towards your rib cage. Your body will twist slightly during this movement. When exhaling, squeeze in your abs as well. Bring your right arm back through and towards the ceiling, completing one full rep on your left elbow.

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