Kimora from Ground

Fighting from Your Back

One of the worst places to be in a fist fight is on the ground, on your back, with your opponent on top of you striking down at you. It is incredibly hard to generate the amount of power required to remove them from that position with your arms alone, but it is possible to fight back and disable them using your technical ability instead of strength.

In the past we have shown this using techniques like a neck wrench which requires little strength because you are attacking a natural weakness in the body, the neck. Today we are going to look at a submission technique that attacks the arms – the kimora.

In Your Guard

This technique can be performed from a few other positions including side mount, but today we will focus on if they are inside of your guard (your legs are wrapped around them). In the future we will look at some other options from this position including a choke and a toss to gain better position.


Slow. Steady. Pressure. This is a move that you can seriously hurt someone with and should be done hard and fast if you intend to disable an attacker. Since almost everyone reading this should be practicing it with a partner that they want to fight again one day, do this technique slowly and with increasing pressure until they tap out.

Additional Thoughts

One of the things I didn’t show in the video is that you can throw your outside leg over their back after you rotate your body. This will allow you to pull them towards the ground and make it easier to perform the submission. If you don’t there is a small chance they will posture up and away from you (more so if they are flexible).

Did you catch something else I left out? Be sure to let us all know your thoughts on the best way to perform this move.

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Theodore Kruczek is the founder and head writer of the Okinawan Karate-do Institute. He is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Shorin-ryu with more than 14 years of experience. This site was created as his way of both teaching his own Karate and learning about others.

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  1. Another thought with the kimura is to push from the hips instead of the arms. Instead of forcing their arm upwards with your arms, try twisting your hip into it, and you’ll find you can generate a lot more power.
    Also, ensure you have “the seatbelt” by putting your leg on their lower back when you rotate into the kimura. By crunching down on their back with this leg, you can prevent them from somersaulting out of the submission while applying additional pressure.

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